Eustace Harker


The quintessential pirate’s pirate, Harker is in his late forties, ugly, and possessed of more than his share of scars. He’s also missing an eye and a hand, giving him opportunity to make use of a hook and eyepatch and look even meaner than he actually is.



Eustace Harker is Jane Forsythe’s most loyal man.

Just as he was her father’s most loyal man, before he betrayed the man to sail off with her.

Harker is a man who has built his life on the pragmatist pirate’s mantra: survive at all costs, thrive when it’s convenient, and profit wherever possible. For Harker, the best way to stay alive has been to act in absolute loyalty to Jane Forsythe, whom he has served since leaving the Valecove nearly a decade ago. He is known throughout the Vale Fleet as her most reliable lieutenant, and a strict disciplinarian of a captain.

Upon meeting – and losing a fight with – the Corsairs, Harker attempted to even the odds by utilizing the power of a strange obsidian ruin buried beneath his logging camp. The power killed his men, turned him into some manner of eldritch horror, and ultimately availed him none, as the Corsairs killed him.

Eustace Harker

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