Maurice Langstrom


Maurice is tall, lanky, and dark-skinned, with coarse, wirey hair and wide, dark-circled eyes. He consistently looks like he hasn’t slept in days, but moves with a manic energy.


Maurice is a genius sociopath originally from somewhere in southern Estermarch. Upon stealing the designs for a prototype cannon – possibly originally of his own design – from King Aethor, he went on the run and fell in with the Vale Fleet.

Maurice was hated and feared in equal measure by most of the fleet, as a man who was tolerated by high command despite his propensity for shouting down and occasionally shooting anyone who displeased him. It was hard for Jane and the rest not to tolerate him, however, as his research continued in their company, and he was all too happy to provide his fellow pirates with more cannons, flintlock rifles, and all manner of explosive concoctions.

He never had a chance to even fight the Corsairs, as upon their first run-in with them, Ardinn decided to work smarter, not harder, and simply blew up Maurice’s workshop with Maurice inside.

Maurice Langstrom

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