A lean, haughty-looking eladrin with angular, harsh features. He wears fine, impeccably clean clothing, and would look, to another eladrin, to be in the realm of 150 years old.



Wander is a warlock who was well-known – and feared – throughout the Malygos Ocean as a weather wizard. Using his talents primarily to support the piracy activities of the Vale Fleet in living memory, Wander was considered by many to be the fleet’s most dangerous weapon.

Upon finding him in Port Secret, the Corsairs learned a terrible secret: Wander, in collusion with James Forsythe, had murdered the Admiral Jane several months before their arrival. Using his mystical powers, Wander had only put forth the merest effort into convincing the fleet she was still alive and actually giving the orders, while the two men pushed for digging in to maximize their platinum profits – and, perhaps, to study the obsidian ruins that dotted the coastline.

Wander met his death in battle with the Corsairs when his attempts to call down the lightning worked too well, killing himself and most of the people at Port Secret in a terrible unnatural storm.


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