Roland Blackwell


Roland is a human man in his early 40s of middling height and weight. He keeps his hair and clothing clean enough, though not fastidiously so; he looks well worn-in, like an old shoe.


Roland Blackwell is a privateer with the West Sail Shipping Company, captain of a small fleet of pirate-hunting vessels.

He is also many other things: ex-Zayathine navy, ex-Halflinghelm revolutionary, ex-linguist scholar from the University of Tantalus, and, in all things, more than he appears to be.

When the Corsairs met Blackwell, he had been imprisoned by the Vale Fleet pirates for being found out as an infiltrator in their ranks. He quickly inserted himself into their good graces, first offering the services of his ships, and then his expertise as a linguist to decipher script in the obsidian ruins that dot the landscape of Redemptor.

However, the Corsairs have found he is not entirely trustworthy, catching him in multiple lies, and it is clear that he has motives of his own in studying the ruins.

He is currently missing and possibly dead, having parted company with the party in the salt flats of Salarium on his way to the unreachable – and disturbing – ruin called the Spike.

Roland Blackwell

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