Dain Feltry


Standing around 4’9" with a head of bushy red hair, Dain is not especially remarkable in appearance. He’s not particularly muscular, he’s not particularly handsome – more ugly, honestly – and save for a long set of scars down the left side of his face, he has an utterly forgettable face.


Once, Dain Feltry was the leader of the Corsairs, a storied hero among black ops figures who fought for emperor and country and saved the union on countless occasions.

And then, ten years ago, he turned not only on his empire, but his own team, leading the Corsairs into an ambush that left all of them save Kash and the doctor Bishop dead. After his betrayal – meant to help the Halflinghelm faction in their coup against the state – he vanished from the world stage.

Upon their arrival on Redemptor’s east coast, the Corsairs found that Dain Feltry – now a dramatically changed and emotionally dead man – working as first mate to Roland Blackwell as part of the West Sail Shipping Company’s privateer fleet. The Corsairs chose to allow him to work with them (for the moment), but he was forced to stay behind with the fleet due to a broken leg when the party started their push inland.

Dain Feltry

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