The mad dwarven pirate


An older dwarf, you’d place Babar at just over the century mark in age. While he’s not particularly tall or even all that imposingly built, he positively exudes an aura of intimidation. His eyes are wild and his beard is poorly kept.


Very little is known of Babar’s early life. It is assumed he hails from one of the southwestern city-states off the coast of fallen Elios, but this is based more on observation than any actual biographical detail.

What is known is that around the time that the Vale Fleet relocated from their traditional home in Estermarch to the western coasts of Halflinghelm and Sollust, they began recruiting locally from disaffected populations of sailors in the area. Babar was one of their first and most successful local initiates.

While ruthlessness amongst pirates is generally not a notable trait, Babar carries it to an entirely new level, well known for his cruel nature and savage fury in a fight. He has been described as a demon by his foes, and seems to fight primarily for the sake of bloodshed, showing little interest in material wealth (an attitude that has made him popular amongst his peers).

Babar is additionally a devoted of one of the southwestern death cults that sprang up following the fall of Elios to the undead. He is known to wield dark powers, and has used the corpses of his victims to necromantic purpose on more than one documented occasion.


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