A seven-foot tall thri-kreen with a lean build.


Crucis is a demigod.

…Okay, so, probably not. He is, however, one of the chieftains of the largely-lawless nomadic thri-kreen tribes of the Salarium salt flats, and a generally friendly predator.

Crucis is known by his people as a jovial and even-handed leader – more friend than authoritarian – who isn’t afraid of hard work. But life in the desert is difficult, and for all appearances, Crucis has a cold survivalist’s view of the world around him. Helping a friend in need is fine only if it’s not going to cost you something you can’t afford to lose, and heroics are simply lunacy.

The party came across Crucis early in their travels inland, only to be kidnapped by him – twice – and used as gladiators in a conflict with one of his rival chieftains. Following their predictable victory over his foes, he freed them, and has followed them around intermittently ever since.


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