James Forsythe

Quartermaster of the Unsinkable, brother of Jane


James is tall, broad, and tough, standing well over six feet tall with pale blonde hair and green eyes. He has an easygoing demeanor, often swaggering about half-drunk and acting every inch the carefree pirate.



Unlike his sister, James is neither particularly bright, particularly cautious, nor particularly ambitious. A friendly hedonist, James prefers to spend his time fighting, gambling, drinking, and sleeping around, and as popular as he is with the crew for it, his sister’s happy enough to let him do as he pleases for the most part.

James is intensely loyal to Jane, and it seems neither of them were particularly close to their father, as James will often joke about the siege of Valecove and the man’s death.

Upon meeting the party, he lost two fights in a row with Shiyo, and ended up killed by the strange elemental storm summoned by the wizard Wander.

James Forsythe

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