Jane Forsythe

Admiral of the Vale Fleet


In her early thirties, Jane’s actually quite beautiful for a pirate, though her skin has a ruddy tan and her hands show the rough calluses of a fighter.

Standing at around 5’7", she’s of an average weight with a muscular build, and long red hair that leads some to call her “Fiery Jane.”

She’s known, also, for her well-spoken and even-tempered personality, presenting herself as well-bred.


Latest in a long line of pirate lords, Jane Forsythe is the Fleet’s foremost and most brilliant leader.

Since her grandfather William Forsythe first settled his men on the Estermarch lands of Valecove some 80 years ago, the Forsythe family had been involved less and less in piracy and more in more in traditional politics, a role that suited neither them nor their neighbors very well.

It’s not so surprising then, that when the Valecove attempted to secede from the tight Confederacy that bound the eastern nations, that King Aethor of Castamere wasted no time in invading the pirate nation. Jane, merely a teenager at the time and yet already a brilliant sailor, saw the writing on the wall well ahead of her father and many of his captains, and when the battle came to their capital, she had already organized a widespread mutiny among the navy. This new Vale Fleet under her command then raised anchor and simply sailed out of the harbor, abandoning their countrymen – and her father – to their fates.

Over the years that have passed since, Jane’s leadership has seen the fleet’s broad success and underlined her caution and cunning. When King Aethor made hunting down her fleet a primary mission, she simply relocated them from their traditional eastern waters to the Malygos Ocean halfway across the world, and took to new targets among the halfling and Sollustian sailors of the area.

Her motivation in large part seems to be simple greed, her fleet fiercely independent and apolitical, striking at all profitable targets with equal zeal. Despite this, she has a reputation for showing great generosity towards her underlings, and enjoys incredible popularity among the fleet she built on treason.

Jane Forsythe

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