67 years after the events of Unbroken…

The situation for the Zayathine Empire has never been bleaker. Already on a slow decline since the calamitous events of the 1980s Z.R., the country was dealt a near-deathblow a decade ago when the traitorous senators of Halflinghelm attempted a coup d’├ętat that left tens of thousands dead and with most of the nation’s territorial holdings in enemy hands. Nearly bankrupt, and with no safe territory into which to expand, most believe the ancient empire is in its final days.

Recently, however, the Empire happened entirely by accident on a glimmering of hope. The capture of a group of pirate smugglers in the city’s port revealed massive quantities of raw platinum ore and, through interrogation, a massive undiscovered continent in the far west that supplied it and much more besides.

You are the Corsairs, an elite and secret hand of the Emperor himself. You have been sent to this far western land of Redemptor with two missions. First, you will destroy the pirate Vale Fleet and seize the platinum mines for your lord. Secondly, you will survey deep into the heart of this new land, uncover its mysteries, and herald the way for the coming of the Empire.

You are Zayathine’s only hope for survival.


Pippin Dex_Davican Ebran Augi