Confessor is a middle-aged gith of intimidating stature: nearly 6’7", with a heavily muscled frame made even thicker from heavy plate armor. He carries a massive sword strapped across his back.


Confessor is a legend out among the planes, and not a happy one. Some call him bounty hunter, others assassin. Most think of him as a bad omen, however: he brings nothing with him but fire and death.

Confessor has been bringing in criminals – or killing them – across the planes for nearly thirty years. What sets him apart from so many other bounty hunters is his relentless nature. When Confessor picks a target, it is said, he becomes obsessed with them, stopping at nothing to take them in.

For the past several years, his primary target has been the psion Azina, and he has followed her trail all the way to the world of Zayathine.


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